Restaurant Food Waste Collection Sheffield

Food Waste Disposal Sheffield

Restaurant food waste collection/disposal. Takeaway food waste collection & disposal in Sheffield now can be arranged quickly and conveniently when it suits you. However; Not surprisingly at the present time all these services are subject to our terms. We do not collect hospital waste or sharps.

Where Does Food Waste Come From?

  • Food Preparation 45%
  • Customer Plates & Take Away Bags 34%
  • Spoilage 21%

Notably; These ratios are general estimates from hospitality and foodservice research. They can vary according to different kitchen operations and how much food is brought in pre-prepared. Since our inception we are disposing of more food waste, owing to the increase in food take away options.

In short; Our Restaurant Food Waste Collection service is geared towards small restaurants and Food takeaway businesses in Sheffield South Yorkshire region. Choose the most appropriate waste management solution for your needs.  Secure food waste collected in black bin bags is easiest. However; There is no contract to tie you into an expensive long term arrangement. Make the booking online and pay the fee, and we will usually collect within 72 hours (after contacting you by phone to confirm a collection day/time). Because of time allocations we can sometimes collect within 48 hours for the standard service.

Furthermore, We can provide a quicker same day service for Restaurant food waste collection. Obviously; You will need to make the booking and pay the fee before 8 am (in the morning) of the day you want us to collect. However, Same day collections do incur higher costs and can’t always be guaranteed as they are subject to how busy we are now, and until our availability is free. Surprisingly; Restaurant food waste collection is required frequently due to the number of takeaways in Sheffield.

Restaurant Food Waste Disposal

You should store waste food in traditional black bin liners (sometimes called black bags). As long as you Secure and tie the end in a loop or use a tie fixture to secure the contents. At the present time, No other type of waste should be in the Food waste black bags. If you find your black bags difficult to lift, we probably would also. So please don’t be stingy. You should definitely spread the waste paper content between several black bags.

You should test lift them to ensure the bag doesn’t tear/rip. Specifically; Consider if the black bags are manageable to lift and transport, now and later. Furthermore; If the contents are breaking free that usually is an indication (sooner or later)  too much weight is in one bag. Whenever possible, Do a simple test lift to determine if you need to spread amongst more black bags.

Commercial Office Paper Clearance:  

We can collect your commercial office paper for clearance, but we do not remove desks or chairs, filing cabinets or furniture. However; if you want to dispose of a lot of paper we can help with that. Be aware commercial paper and/or magazines and other office stationery can be heavy, so only half fill black bin liners with paper content. If our waste collection operative finds it difficult to lift the black bags, you will be asked to re-bag your waste using additional black bin liners. This will incur additional charges.

Avoid Additional Waste Collection Charges:

Ultimately; If you are in a building on a first floor or higher floors you must arrange for the black bags of waste are brought down to the ground floor where we can have easy access to them. If the black bags of waste is on a first floor or higher floor you must bring it down to the ground floor.Given that, if you ask us to collect from there, our waste management operative will determine the extra charge cost depending on the floor where the waste is and the difficulty in securing the waste and bringing it down to the ground floor where it can be taken away. 

Avoid Additional Waste Management Charges:

If such a situation arises (black bags are overfull and have to be divided in to more bags) the additional payment will have to be made to our waste management operative before he will remove the items . If the extra payment is not made, no collection will be undertaken. Be aware; If our operative is asked to come back at a different time of day due to the waste not being on the ground floor (and the customer wants to arrange for it to be moved to the ground floor themselves, but on a different day/time), this will mean our waste management operative will have to come back again.

 Ultimately, Any such revisit will incur an additional charge. Not withstanding that; To avoid such scenarios please ensure your waste is properly secured in black bin liners and available for easy collection in an easy to access area on the ground floor.

Sharps Waste & Disposal: 

Sharps waste is a form of biomedical waste composed of used “sharps”. On balance; These include any device or object used to puncture or lacerate the skin, like needles. Sharps waste is classified as bio-hazardous waste and must be carefully handled. However; We do not collect such hazardous waste. Any item classed as ‘Sharps’ waste particularly, must not be included in your black bags that we collect. Given that; This includes knives and broken tools. We also specifically do not collect/dispose of hospital waste.

Finally; What We Don’t Collect;

  • Car Batteries
  • Gas Bottles
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Paint
  • Light Bulbs
  • Fluorescent Tube Light Bulbs

We Don’t Collect Large E-Waste: 

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Televisions
  • Household Furniture
  • Desks etc
  • Anything that won’t fit into a black bag (bin liner)
  • Heavy Objects

In conclusion; Where we operate – Sheffield South Yorkshire United Kingdom.