Private Refuse Collection Sheffield

Black Bags Rubbish & Waste Disposal Sheffield

We have started a pilot project specifically to check the viability of private refuse collection Sheffield. Black bag rubbish – waste disposal services by our disposal operatives will work on a pay as you go basis (PAYG). Ultimately the pilot scheme will operate for 1 year. We will collect household rubbish in traditional black bin liners (available from most supermarkets). The team also collect and dispose of garden lawn mowed clippings and general garden rubbish. Furthermore; We collect within 72 hours of your booking.

At the present time we operate a pay as you go scheme for those who require Private Refuse Collection Sheffield. As it is convenient for most household customers. You can book and pay for your rubbish to be collected by booking online via this website. The scale of this pilot scheme will initially be small. For a same day service you can book for us to collect your rubbish and waste the same day (book b4 8am). Waste must be in black bags (bagged and tied) ready for collection and disposal. However; There is an additional charge for same day collection.

Private Bin Collection Sheffield

Do you have bins that have black bags of rubbish? We provide private bin collection in Sheffield. If you have Household rubbish/waste that have been bagged, we collect & dispose them. Your black bags must only consist of general household items. However; you definitely must not add bulky items that protrude and show outside of the black bags you use to secure waste when we provide private bin collection in Sheffield. Large items must be broken down to prevent piercing the black bag, and must not be over filled. If our waste management operative determines the weight of a black bag is too heavy you will be asked to divide the contents. Distribute between more black bags to make it manageable for our waste collection team.

Your black bag waste must not include any ‘sharps’ (dangerous objects), very heavy objects, or hazardous items. If you find your black bags difficult to lift, we probably would too. Significantly; We ask, please don’t be stingy, spread the waste content between several black bags for disposal. Given that they need to be manageable to lift and transport without their contents breaking free. This can happen if there is too much weight in any one black bag. Whenever possible do a simple lifting test to determine if you need to spread amongst more black bags. An emergency service for collection of bagged household rubbish/waste collection & disposal is available on request.

Private Rubbish Removal & Rubbish Disposal Sheffield

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Tenant Departure from a Rented Property:

A more urgent same day service is available for things like tenant departure from a rented property (at an additional charge) if booked before 8am that day. Moreover; Because you may have not expressly allowed time for disposing of rubbish/waste. Tenants can be penalised/charged a premium by landlords, if rubbish/waste in black bags are left behind. On ‘ hand over day ‘ where the keys are handed over to the landlord or estate agent, all rubbish should have been disposed of.

Notably; You should endeavour to book our service to collect your black bags of rubbish in time. Book at least 3 days before your departure/hand back date. Or as soon as you can. If you don’t, we may not be able to guarantee to remove the items before your departure deadline. Or we will have to levy an additional charge for same day collections.

Pay as you Go – Black Bags Refuse Collection Service in Sheffield:

Our pay as you go black bags refuse collection service charges are based on the following; a) The number of black bags of waste you want us to dispose of. b) whether you use our standard 3 day collection service, Of c) same day collection. Furthermore; Spread the waste content between more black bags for easier lifting and transportation. This will make it easier for us to transport without black bags breaking open. In conclusion; If you are in doubt about anything please telephone or email us for advice. We believe that private refuse collection in Sheffield on a a pay as you go basis is a much needed service. We hope you agree.